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Private Practice Millionaire Academy Live Event

The Private Practice Millionaire Academy is “The Ultimate Financial Training for a Professional Practice Owner’s Business and Household Wealth”.

PPM AcademyOver this 3-day live event, you will be immersed in 9 different areas of straight-up, no-holds-barred financial strategies that will enable you to experience a lifetime of financial success
while you Live Your Art®. Culled from 5000 years of wisdom and over 22 years of testing and application, this academy is the vital information needed to successfully navigate and succeed in today’s complex and treacherous economic climate.

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  • Learn How to Get Out of Debt as Fast and Cheaply as Possible—No Matter How Much You Owe
  • How Traditional Home Mortgages Have Fleeced Your Wealth
  • The Secret to Tax-Free Income
  • The 3 Laws of Profitable Borrowing


  • Learn the Exact Amount of Money You Will Need to be Financially Free
  • Write a Brilliant Plan on How To Sell Your Practice Someday for A Pile of Money
  • Discover the One Magic Strategy Guaranteed to Build Wealth
  • Why Most Financial Plans Fail
  • Determining Your Life Goals and What They Will Really Cost You
  • The Fundamental Laws that Determine Your Income
  • How to Discern the Quality of Financial Advice –To Whom Should You Be and NOT Be Listening
  • The Make/Break Point of Your Financial Plan – the Simple Reason You
  • Are Not Financially Independent Right Now
  • The 26 Actions to Guarantee Financial Success in Your Life
  • How to Create a Guaranteed Lifetime Income


  • Learn How To Bullet Proof Your Assets from Virtually Everyone
  • What Your Investment Plan is Truly Costing You
  • How to Use the 4 Tools of Asset Protection to Bulletproof Your Wealth
  • The Reason S and C Corporations and Partnerships May Not Protect You
  • How to Drain Cash from High-Risk Business into Low-Risk Assets
  • How to Invest Without Experiencing Losses


  • The Fundamental Reason Why Private Practice Owners Lose a Fortune When They Try to Transition Out of Their Practice
  • What is the Household Wealth Gap and How to Close It
  • How to Know When You’re Ready to Transition Out of Your Practice
  • How to Maximize the Value of Your Practice Just Before You Sell
  • The ONE Factor that Determines IF You Will Realize the Lifetime Benefits Available from a Successful Transaction

See What Attendees Had to Say…

…I see how this is a complete system and cannot wait to weed through the process from start to finish as it will relieve a huge weight of “what if” worries. Thanks so much for this gift of information!
The biggest realization I have had in taking this course is that this cannot possibly be navigated on my own. Knowing what I don’t know is instrumental in the success of and accomplishment of my personal financial goals.
It helped my husband and I have better joint vision of the household. We have a lot less arguments about money now.
Before this class I had no clue about Transition Planning. I NOW know there is hope and a way to financially achieve success and be financially secure upon retirement. Thank you for giving me piece of mind for my future.