The Private Practice Millionaire’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

by P. Christopher Music, The Financial Prosperity Coach

It’s the New Year! Time to reflect on the accomplishments of times past and to refocus and rededicate to our dreams and aspirations for the future.

I really have a hard time with New Year’s Resolutions. Not because they are not valuable, but because we resolve for something to occur in the new year without making the necessary changes in our behavior to bring them into reality.

Here’s what typically happens:

“I’m really excited that I have resolved to “pay off all of my debt.” So I spend some money on a debt reduction consultant and some software and analyze what I need to do to pull it off—even writing up a rather sophisticated plan. I’m all set and all excited and for the first month, I kill it—all payments are made on time with extra being paid on that pesky credit card. Then the next week I cheat a little on the amount of extra money I pay since there was that unexpected expense in the household. The next month I miss the extra payment all together because I forgot that the auto insurance bill is due. By the end of June, the resolution is a distant memory and I’m back to my old spending and savings habits.”

Sound familiar? What happened?! Well, something fundamental was missed and that something was “the DECISION”.

You see, the first thing that I missed in that scenario was the fact of actually making up my mind to pay off that debt. Not that it would be something nice to do or a wish, but an ironclad, no-fail decision that this IS going to happen, one way or another.

The derivation of decision comes from the Latin “decidere,” which means “to cut off from,” as in to cut off from any other course of action. This is true resolution. IT WILL HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT!

In my previous example, I should have made the irrevocable decision to get out of debt and align EVERY action to the attainment of that objective—even stripping down my living expenses to the bare bones, eliminating all luxuries. Otherwise, why bother making the resolution? The mere resolution lacks any real conviction—it’s not a real decision.

Private Practice Millionaire’s make decisions, not resolutions. They make firm decisions and execute them to completion regardless of the obstacles. This is really the first order of business as an Owner, Executive and Technician in your own practice.

So, take one goal, one objective that you KNOW you can do. Make the decision that it will get done no matter what, then align ALL your efforts to attain that result. This means not doing the same things you did last year — those habits are what brought you to need a New Year’s Resolution in the first place.

All successful professionals know how this works, so set up the game so you can win. Make those New Year’s Resolutions, but imbedded with the honest DECISION that they will occur, then change your routine so the proper activities contribute to its attainment in your life.

Decide to take the route toward real financial prosperity – we have the map to help you find your way.

Happy New Year!

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