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by Christopher Music on August 16, 2016 No comments
The First 3 Steps in Financial Planning (Title) When I tell people that I’m a financial advisor, I usually get the question, “What should I invest in?” or “What are you recommending to clients these days?”  A prudent advisor would not answer these questions off the cuff.  Financial Planning is not just about investing in the stock marketing – it is about investing in yourself and your future. Proper steps must be taken in the financial planning process prior to any investment recommendations.  Have you taken the initial financial planning steps? The first 3 steps in financial planning are as follows:
  • Earn as much money as you can. Your job, no matter what you do for a living produces a commodity—your products or services are used by others.  The more money you make, the less inflation hurts you.  To illustrate this, let’s take a $200 grocery bill.  That $200 is a much bigger deal to a person on an income of $2000 per month that someone making $10,000 per month.  Do anything you can to make what you do more valuable to someone else.
  • Get debt-free. Pay off all of the credit cards, personal loans and home mortgages and stay out of debt.  No matter what the lending institutions tell you, you cannot spend more than you earn.  Those who do not understand this will be the first ones down the chute when the rise of basic living expenses makes the debt payments unpayable.
  • Save a portion of every dollar you earn. As the cost of living continues to rise, the need for emergency funds for future expenses will also rise.  This will not happen if no money is set aside in the first place.
Once these actions are done, THEN take a look at where to invest the money you’ve saved, according to your well-constructed investment plan and policy. You see, those with a plan know how much they are going to invest, how much risk they are willing to take, when they will be investing and into what investments and with whom.  If you’re looking for investment advice without an overall plan and strategy, your experience and results will not be as favorable as they should be. As a word of warning:  It is my experience that people haven’t saved enough.  And they know it.  In desperation, their solution is to take extreme risks to make as much return as possible on the little money they have saved.  Unfortunately, this ends in loss too often because they never really understood the risks they were taking.  And, buying commodities, emerging markets funds and foreign currencies are risky.  Don’t lose what you worked so hard to have. In inflationary times, the best strategy is to get the greatest return possible out of your most valuable assets:  Your ability, intelligence and hard work. Just because the society’s standard of living is going down, that doesn’t mean yours has to. Don’t be a victim of an economic shift; Be a solution. Ask me more……..I’m here to help.  


P. Christopher Music, also known as "The Financial Prosperity Coach", is a 23+ year veteran of the financial planning profession and a TWO-TIME best-selling author and financial prosperity expert. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates around the country as well as published in Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and various healthcare industry publications. He is an international speaker and can be booked for corporate and industry events by visiting

Christopher MusicAsk Me How You Should Invest Your Money

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