Business Management Econometry™ Analysis

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Econometrynoun,   1.  methods used to measure the economic and financial condition of an individual, household or business.    [<L <Gk. < oikos house + nemein to manage, <Gk. metria < metron a measure] In the world of business, financial metrics and ratios are used to help management determine the economic condition of the company so it can be managed more effectively for growth and profit.  In any business or professional practice, certain areas must be assessed and measured in order to achieve the maximum gross income and profitability.  Since we can’t manage what we can’t measure, it is imperative that we analyze all production and financial areas to achieve success.   The Business Viability Index™ This is a questionnaire of 90 questions that focuses on 9 major areas of a business.  “Viability” means to grow or expand.  If one does not know where income is being made or lost in a business, then one cannot manage its gross income or profit margin. Seven of the major areas covered include:
  • Effective Leadership
  • Organization
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Control
  • Operations
  • Quality Control
  • Public Relations
The index score is on a scale of 0-850 and gives an objective measurement of the viability of your business or professional practice.  It validates those areas of the business that are doing well and suggests improvements for other areas that need to be addressed. Econometry™ is a breakthrough in business management and financial consulting.  It provides objective measurements of the economic and financial condition of your firm.  Your professional success depends on knowing where you are and where you’re going.  Now you can map the journey. To learn how Econometry™ can be utilized to help you achieve financial success, fill out the questionnaire at and visit us at


P. Christopher Music, also known as "The Financial Prosperity Coach", is a 23+ year veteran of the financial planning profession and a TWO-TIME best-selling author and financial prosperity expert. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates around the country as well as published in Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and various healthcare industry publications. He is an international speaker and can be booked for corporate and industry events by visiting

Christopher MusicBusiness Management Econometry™ Analysis

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